Let’s read some women novelists – and I will tell why!

Reading is a vintage exercise… and people have been indulging in this act for centuries. Pre-historic love for reading can be seen on the walls of caves, in the thoughts of great people, and by the standard of literature, we still have to exhibit. In this opinion article, I will tell why reading women novelists […]

5 Women Authors Who Stirred Change – this or that way – a list

Gender equality is not a new concept, at least now. People have been discussing gender and all other ideas associated with it all the way to the 21st century. In the present century, however, the discourse has changed dramatically. Women have started to talk more freely. The publication of books like She Said, Know My […]

English Romantic Poets You Must Read – a list

Before I start with romantic poetry, let’s discuss reading books and their benefits first. I am a huge fan of reading books. Reading can take you on a journey, no matter where you are. A good book can transport you to different worlds, and help you experience a whole new level of emotions. I especially […]