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George Orwell was not only a novelist in the sense Chetan Bhagat is, he was more than a novelist and more than an ordinary literary personality in the fraternity of millions. He was a visionary; he was a propagandist; he was a reader; he was all the ways a writer with purpose. The works by George Orwell speak for themselves and we don’t have to introduce any special terms for some of the greatest works in the history of English literature. Very much known for his two major works – Animal Farm and 1984, Orwell also wrote many other pieces:

Fictional Works (Novels):

Burmese Days: 1934
A Clergyman’s Daughter: 1935
Keep the Aspidistra Flying: 1936
Coming Up for Air: 1939
Animal Farm: 1945
Nineteen Eighty-Four: 1949

Nonfiction Works:

Down and Out in Paris and London: 1933
The Road to Wigan Pier: 1937
Homage to Catalonia: 1938


George Orwell author


Like many other literary personalities who were born in British India, Eric Arthur Blair (the given name of George Orwell) was also born in Motihari, which presently is a district in Bihar, in 1903. Orwell worked as a journalist and continued the work side by side with his writings. He was also a very accomplished essayist and produced some of the finest ever essays written in the English language. Letters written by Orwell to various of his friends are also a treasure for the enthusiastic persons who want to know more about his life and views. In a collection of his essays, journalism and letters, you will find that Orwell’s mind worked almost as a rocket! In an essay titled Books v. Cigarettes, he writes that people smoke more money than what they spend on books in a lifetime! Amazing! In the same essay, he also writes about his hobby of collecting books and we get to know that he owns more than 900 books in total until the moment the essay was being written.

Orwell always worked on his writings to make them precise and perfect. It was not until the publication of Animal Farm that the author got a great recognition for himself. And for most of his readers in general society, Orwell either wrote only Animal Farm or two books, including the previous one and another – 1984! His writings of the later phase of his career and pre-Animal Farms can simply be discarded because those were not so popular among the readers.

George Orwell was a person who did not shy from taking open public stands on politics, religion as well as personal opinions. He was a person with full of hatred for homosexuals and a person who did not like the politics of the say and especially, the politics which did not care about the general public. He enjoyed a very short life and died at an early age of 46.

The writings by Orwell will always be there for the readers to find out about his views. However, as per his will, he did not want anyone to write about him and that’s why we have no authentic biographies on Orwell.

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