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Patrick White

Patrick White was born on 28 May 1912 in Knightsbridge, London, returned to Sydney, Australia when he was only six months old. On the suggestion of a headmaster, he was sent once again to England at Cheltenham College, it was felt as prison due to a limited circle of acquaintances in new surroundings. Occasionally, he […]

James Joyce

James Joyce is undoubtedly remembered as the modern master of the art of novel writing and his experiments in the stream of consciousness style of writing have made him a sure immortal! He was born at West Rathgar, Dublin in 1882, and was initially educated at the Jesuit boarding school Clongowes Wood College, and Jesuit […]

Henry James

Henry James was a prominent American author who went on to make his name in the world. Born on 15 April 1843, his family lived in Albany and then moved to Washington in New York City and finally settled in London. As a boy, his father gave him proper care. Because of his long stay […]

Anita Krishan

Anita Krishan is a multi-faceted literary personality having so many literary productions in various of genres to her credit. Popular as a contemporary novelist among the readers and literary enthusiasts, Anita Krishan is known for her serious literary fictions based on the themes which are very relevant. Her novels Tears of Jhelum and Despite Stolen […]

Ashish Dalal

Ashish Dalal is an author who mostly writes short stories to express himself and offer his opinions on various issues which are mostly close to the human emotions and readers can easily comprehend what he wants to convey. He has been writing for many newspapers and magazines for years and finally, his debut book of […]