The Poetry of Sarojini Naidu – a critical assessment

Sarojini Naidu, often hailed as the Nightingale of India, exhibited a distinctive writing style characterised by eloquence, lyricism, and a delicate fusion of Indian cultural motifs with Western literary influences. Her poetry reflects a harmonious blend of romanticism and nationalism, where she masterfully crafted verses that resonated with both emotion and patriotic fervour. Naidu’s use […]

Shobha De – Indian Novelist: Style of Writing, themes & analysis

Anyone interested in Indian English literature must know the name of Shobha De, the famous page-3 columnist and novelist who did not pull her punches when it came to the occasion. Known as the founder of the celebrity (especially the Bollywood) magazine Stardust, Shobha De is credited with many things within the domain of her […]

Essential features of the writings of Sri Aurobindo – an analysis

If one needs to name a writer who represents India and her traditions the best, Sri Aurobindo may be the best-suited one to feature. A philosopher, yogi, and spiritual leader in addition to being a poet, author and intellectual, Sri Aurobindo is best known for his teachings on the integration of the individual consciousness with […]