S A Joseph

S A Joseph, born in 1971, is a poet and experienced academician from Kerala. An ardent believer in poetry, S A Joseph believes that religion and politics may fail the world a day but poetry will the only thing which will help humankind in bringing an ideal society with peace and harmony. The major writing […]

Shilpa Raj

Shilpa Raj, the author of The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter, is making it to the features these days. Her debut work is a memoir which documents her life since her childhood as well as chronicles the lives of her parents and ancestors and the problems their family (and many others like them) had to face throughout. […]


Vidyapati Thakur is known as one of the earliest poets from Bihar writing in Maithili. He is called Maithil Kavi Kokil with respect and his name is worldwide popular for his devotional as well as other verses. His Ganga songs are famous as well as his devotional songs written for Devi Durga are also very […]