Christina Rossetti – Biography, Introduction to her Poetry & Analysis

Christina Rossetti was an English poet and writer who was born in London on December 5, 1830. She was the sister of the artist and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and a member of the Rossetti family, which was known for its artistic and literary achievements. Rossetti was educated at home and began writing poetry at […]

Matthew Arnold – the critic & scholar

Matthew Arnold was a prominent Victorian who produced some of the greatest prose works of England that include the publication of Culture and Anarchy. He was more a prose writer than a poet and he always proved it with his works of literature. A devoutly religious person, Arnold was also a little perturbed with the […]

Robert Browning – Victorian Poet

Bring me a better and a bigger acerbic than Robert Browning and I will accept I am at the losing side! However, I do believe that finding one such might be very difficult for the readers of this article and also for the scholars of literature. Robert Browning was not only an acerbic but also […]

Charles Dickens

Generally considered as one of the greatest novelists of England till the date, Charles Dickens was actively producing novels during the period of 1820-50. His novels mostly have pathos and emotions, the reality in its rawest form and an urge to break free of the conventional mindset. Born in 1812 to a lower class family, […]